Marine industry use

Recent amendments to the STCW, the manila amendments, Section B-V111/1 recommends that in order to identify drug and alcohol abuse, screening programmes should be implemented for all those whose duties involve designated safety, prevention of pollution and security duties to prevent alcohol and drugs from impairing the ability of crew.

These guidelines came into force 1st January 2012 and by adopting them, it is hoped that drug and alcohol abuse will be minimised and where it is identified, it will be before rather than after an incident has occurred.

The biggest thing to learn once getting a superyacht job is to know how to act around superyacht owners.

As we know, most crew are outgoing and easy going people. So the best tip is to just be yourself but within a certain limit.

If a superyacht owner invites the crew out to dinner be sure not to overindulge too much. Many times in the superyacht industry we see crew getting drunk and making a fool of them selves in front of the owner at dinner. Try to avoid this otherwise you wont make it past your first season nor your first dinner.

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