East meets West


Eastern medicine and Western technology help SOBER UP to support balance, mental clarity and liver function. Fourteen Chinese herbal extracts combine in a fast-acting formula that is clinically proven to promote liver health and promote health and well being.


A holistic approach


The benefits don’t stop there. SOBER UP delivers a shot of nourishing vitamins, minerals and herbs to detox the body and stimulate the mind, helping you to perform at your peak whether at work or play.


No shortcuts

There is no caffeine or artificial stimulation in SOBER UP, so it won’t leave you feeling jumpy or send you into freefall later on in the day. It’s natural, free from preservatives and helps you live a fuller, healthier life without taking away any of the fun.


When should I use it?



Take SOBER UP in the morning to fortify the liver and support mental sharpness for the day ahead.


The formula starts working within minutes of consumption to maintain clarity and reduce harmful toxins, ensuring a good night won’t turn into a bad one.


SOBER UP speeds the reduction of toxins and helps to alleviate general symptoms of a heavy night. A single shot can help you enjoy your Sunday or recover from fun on a school night.


Where can I get it?

SOBER UP is available online and select retailers.